I have always wanted a pickup truck.  Starting back when I first got my driver’s license, I dreamed of lying in the back, with a pile of pillows and fluffy blankets, staring up at the stars and watching the northern lights dance.  I imagined sleeping in the truck bed, all tucked in and cozy, with cute little curtains covering the windows of the cap.  I even wrote about it in high school, when my English teacher had us write our auto-biography as if our whole life had already happened.  I believe I described it something along the lines of a small black truck with a hot pink pin stripe.  Don’t judge!  I was only 16, after all. 

Despite all these 4-wheel-drive dreams, I’ve never owned the truck of my dreams.  Why?  My first vehicle was purchased by my dad.  I learned that when you aren’t buying your own vehicle, you don’t have too much say in what kind of vehicle you get.  He wanted me to have a reliable car with good highway mileage, so I could drive myself, and my siblings, the four hours to my mom’s house, and back.  So, I ended up with an Escort wagon. I lived in the U.P. and I treated that escort like the truck I wished it was: flying down unpaved roads covered in chatter-bumps, bumping along two tracks in the woods, speeding through sand pits.  I was so rough on that poor car but, I’ll tell you what, it was a tough little bugger.  Despite being beat to hell and back, that escort lasted me 7 years!  And then I crashed it.  My escort’s life came to end on Interstate 696, outside of Detroit, during the afternoon rush hour traffic. 

Since the demise of my escort, I’ve had a string of vehicles: a Saturn, a minivan, an astro van, a blazer, a freestyle……. I did buy a flashy little Ranger at one point.  I was really excited, and hoped it would be The One.  It was red, and had hand-painted flames and custom mirrors.  But it was a stick shift, it didn’t have heat or AC, and it was just too small.  My son was 3 years old at the time.  That Ranger just wasn’t practical for a young, growing family, so I didn’t keep it very long.  Through all those sensible vehicles, I never gave up on my dream truck.

IMG_20190329_184655823.jpgYou guys!!  3 months ago, it finally happened!!!  I am now the proud owner of a 2013 Ford F-150. I could bore you with details and specs.  But for now, I’ll just say this: It’s blue!  It’s beautiful!  It’s huge!  It’s most definitely the biggest vehicle I’ve ever driven.  I absolutely love it!  The next step is to get a cap for it, and then we’ll build the inside into my own little camper (check out my Pinterest page for my inspiration for this project) hopefully before summer kicks off! I was a little concerned about the bed being only 5 ½ ft long, but I’m only 5ft 4in and I curl up when I sleep, so I think there will be plenty of room.  My husband on the other hand, well, ha-ha, I guess he’ll just have to learn to sleep curled up too!   I can’t wait for my first camping adventure in my truck!  I think this is beginning of a long, fun, adventure-filled relationship! 

Of course, I’ll keep you updated on the progress of this project!