Mini adventure?  Micro adventure maybe?  Haha.  Yesterday was my day off.  I had plans.  Nothing big.  Laundry and the like.  Maybe take my daughter out for a little kayaking on a local river.  But my plans changed when I saw a Facebook post.  The Thunderbirds, who were in the area for an airshow in Traverse City, were going to be doing a flyby, at the Mackinac Bridge.  The Mackinac Bridge is quite a sight to behold on it’s own.  But add in a fly-by with the Thunderbirds?  Since I live only 45 minutes away, I couldn’t pass up that photographic opportunity.  Plus, I had never seen the Thunderbirds before!  So, I rushed my daughter out the door.  Parking was a bear, but we were able to find the perfect place to watch.  We dipped our toes in the water of Lake Huron and skipped rocks while we waited.  It really was a short appearance.  I think they flew around for 5-10 minutes, but guys!  It was pretty freaking cool!  I wanted to share with you the photos I came home with, from our little jaunt:

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Have you seen a Thunderbirds airshow?  Or maybe the Blue Angels?  Tell me all about it in the comments!  Where did you see them?  When did you see them?

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