This is a short post, but I am SO excited to share it! I’m grinning like a fool and practically squealing with excitement as I write this. Remember back in March, I told you about my plans for my truck? If you don’t remember, click here to check it out.

Did you know truck caps are expensive? I didn’t. Guys, I went to an RV dealer who also sells caps, to get a quote. Holy moly! A brand new, color-matched cap, with a sliding front window, would cost me over $2000! Two grand?! Really? I don’t know about you, but I don’t just have that laying around at home. I started driving for Uber back in January, so I decided to set all my Uber money aside so pay for the cap. However, since I only drive a couple hours a day, a couple days a week, it would have taken me a year or more to save enough. I didn’t want to wait that long to start truck camping! I considered all kinds of options: a truckbed tent, building my own cap (hubby is a carpenter), etc. I looked at Craigs list, and other selling sights. But the extremely short length of my truck bed was proving difficult to match to a cap. Most caps listed as “short bed” were still much too long. It had been 8 months from the time I bought the truck, and I was getting disheartened at the fact that summer was halfway over already and I hadn’t gotten the cap yet. That’s when Facebook marketplace came to save the day! Hubby found a used cap, in really good shape, for less than $400!!! On my day off, we made the 4-hour round trip to pick it up, with my Uber money in hand. It doesn’t match my truck, but the silver coordinates pretty well with the “blue jean blue” of my truck. The front window slides, so I can have access to the cab. The side sliders both have screens already. The inside is already cozily lined with a felt-like gray carpet.


Seriously, I am so excited! I’ve been on Pinterest a lot looking at the sleeping arrangements others have created inside their truck, and hubby and I have come up with a plan. In two weeks, I have another week vacation scheduled. We plan to have the basic sleeping platform built by then. After that, we’ll have plenty of time to customize it to our needs and add all kinds of personal finishing touches. So, if YOU were building a truck bed camper, what necessity would YOU add? Let me know in the comments! I’ll share an update with you next month. Until then, check out my Facebook and Instagram where I just may have already shared some photos!!

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