Before I start, can I just say this: when you’re a blog owner, don’t take a hiatus. Really, don’t do it. Ha-ha! I took what I expected to be a little hiatus to give me more time to work on my costume and prepare for Halloween. It turned into a 3 month break! It’s hard to get your mind back on track when you let yourself lose focus. And that’s true for all aspects of life. So, take time to have fun and relax, but not so much that you lose focus of your goals.

So, I signed up for the North Country Trail (NCT) “Hike 100” challenge last year. I also signed up for the 52 hike challenge. I figured I’d do 52 hikes, at least 2 miles each, to reach the 100 miles…easy peasy. I missed the goal….by a lot. Like, a LOT. I completed 22 hikes in 2019. Since they were all short day hikes, and they weren’t all NCT hikes, I only made it to 21 NCT miles (35 miles overall). I’m happy to say that they were, however, all unique NCT miles. According to my hiking log, there were no repeated NCT miles. Why does that make me happy? Because (remember?) I set a goal….a big goal….a lifetime goal…of completing all the NCT miles in Michigan. I’ve crossed off all 7 miles of the trail that go from the north side of Petoskey to the South side of Petoskey. There’s about 3 more miles (I think) of paved trail, north of town, I need to cover before I start on actual wooded trails. Hiking south of town is temporarily on hold, as there’s a section that currently follows roads, that’s being rerouted, and I read that work on that will be started this summer.

I didn’t do any overnight hikes in 2019. I totally chickened out. I think I have most of the gear I’ll need to do, at least, a shorter trip, like 2-3 days. I don’t have any rain gear yet, so I’ll if be out of luck if weather didn’t cooperate.

Time to look forward to the new year. I have set myself the same goals I set last year: 52 hikes total, 100 NCT miles. What goals did you set last year? Did you fall short , like me, or blow them out of the water? What are your goals for 2020? Let me know in the comments!