You guys!  I am so excited!  Eeeek!  Ok, hold on, let me back up a minute.

Yesterday, on my day off, I had intended to get some more miles in, on the North Country Trail.  There’s still a lot of local trail for me to cover before I have to venture farther out, around Michigan.  I drove out to the section I had in mind and was so disappointed to see that Old Man Winter had different plans.  The trail was under about a foot of snow.  Bummer.  So, by the time my hubby got home from work, I was deeply entrenched in online snowshoe research. They are expensive!  Plus, I may have mentioned before, I’m not a small girl.  I need some serious floatage to stay on top of the snow, which means bigger, longer snowshoes, which usually means higher prices.  I mean, some I was looking at were in the $300-$400 range.  I can’t afford that, unless I take a couple months to stash cash away in a jar.

886745780113_1Hubby asked if I had ever checked the local sporting goods stores (we have at least three of them in Petoskey), so I can at least try some on to make sure I like them.  I hadn’t of course.  I’m that person who just hops online to see what I can find.  So we drove into town to catch Bear Cub Outfitters before they closed.  I found a pair I liked and hubby surprised me by buying them, right then and there!  They’re 30” Tubbs so they’re big enough to carry my and my large, er, stature.  The binding is super easy to get in and out of. Aluminum frame, so they’re fairly light. They have a heel lift which, if I understand correctly, is for going up hills with less fatigue on your ankles and calves.  And…..they’re purple – that was a bonus! This is the first pair of snowshoes I’ve ever owned.

In case you don’t know, Michigan winters are cold and snowy.  I’m definitely a warm weather sun worshiper, so I typically spend a lot of time indoors in the winter. But man, winters here are also long.  Looooong. 6-8 months long, depending on the year.  That’s a lot of indoor time.  Ever heard of cabin fever?  It’s not gonna get me this year!  I can’t wait to hit the trail and test these snowshoes out.  Sunshine and (cold) fresh air, here I come!

Cabin fever (noun): extreme irritability and restlessness from living in isolation or a confined indoor area for a prolonged time.


Do you get a lot of snow where you live?  What are your favorite winter activities?  Let me know in the comments.