9780811740128_p0_v3_s550x4062247078805375554665.jpgThis book, by Lucy and Susan Letcher, tells about the two sister’s journey as they walk northbound along the Appalachian Trail, after already completing the trek, southbound.

Let me start off by saying that this is the second book by the barefoots sisters. I did not read the first one. Turns out that’s important. This is definitely not and stand-alone read. The authors refer back to things they saw and did, places they visited, and people they met – without any further explanation. I pushed through anyway, but I spent a lot of time very confused.

The writing style of this book, on occasion, feels like it was written by someone who really didn’t want to write it, or they had a very short time to write it. We walked here. We saw this. Then we walked there. We were happy to meet up with these people. They were just how we remembered.  We were uneasy because so and so was there so we moved on. As one reviewer on goodreads put it, there’s “very little story to the story.”.  Honestly, it’s exactly the writing style I strive to avoid, when I write.

As I read, I was left with many questions. Who is this person and why are you happy to see them? What exactly about them was just how you remembered them?  And why are you not happy to see that other guy? I’m assuming all that information can be found in the first book “Southbound.”

I stopped reading about a third of the way in. There was just too much I didn’t know, because I hadn’t read the first book. So I’m going to do just that. Hopefully the writing style is a bit easier to read, and I’ll find the answers to all the questions that “Walking Home” left me with. Although, if the online reviews are any indication, I should go in with low expectations.